As marketing mentors, we keep hearing about the same challenges from our mentees. They know that they need to build their brand. They also understand that to do it cost-effectively for the greatest reach, they need to use social media, but they are paralysed. They don’t know what to post and worry about running out of ideas for content. To be truthful, all of us have had that challenge at some point, so we’ve decided to face it head-on!

Whether you are posting from a personal or business perspective, we are sure you will find some inspiration amongst these first 10 deas. Happy posting!

  1. Build connections by showing gratitude and thanking your followers. Always welcome new connections on Facebook and Instagram, and send a direct message thanking them for following. It might seem a small thing, but it is a highly valuable tool for creating rapport and building relationships.


  1. If you work in a fast-moving industry, a week can seem like a long-time, and it can be a challenge to stay on top of all the latest industry findings. Your posts could include a weekly summary of what’s going on, to help the ‘time poor’ keep abreast of what’s going on. Posting a list of ‘must-read’ articles for the week will make you a person of value to your audience.


  1. Know your niche. Networking and events are a great way of meeting people in your sector – assuming they know about it. Use your social media channels to promote industry-specific events. Which events should your prospects and audience be attending? Explain why they should be there – outline what’s in it for them.


  1. Tease your followers by posting a taster from a blog post. Don’t just post a link to your blog – make your post work a little harder to pique the interest of your audience. Share a soundbite from the article or a key fact. Re-purposing your blog content gives it longevity and helps to increase readership and visibility.


  1. Keep abreast of the competition and identify what they are doing to promote themselves socially. Take the best of their ideas and find a way to do the same, but better. If you’re active on social media, you should already have a listening strategy – so you know what’s being discussed in your area. Extend this capability to the competition and take the chance to share content that you know will deliver results. Learn from the best and worst of what they are doing to improve your online performance.


  1. Create a dialogue with your followers and ask them what content they want to see and hear from you. Is there a specific area of what you do that they would value a deeper dive into? What issues can you solve for them or what clarity can you bring? Asking for content suggestions will give you a wide range of inspiration for future posts and articles which provides you with even more useful and shareable content.


  1. Create a ‘coming soon’ post. Think about what’s coming up in your business, are you launching a new website, introducing a new service or adding extra bonuses to your existing offer? Whatever is ‘coming soon’, this is a fantastic opportunity to alert your followers by showing them what they can look forward to.


  1. Fill-in-the-blank posts get traction, especially if they are business/product related, industry-related, a random topic, or centred around a holiday or festive time. Another option is to get your audience to caption a funny image you’ve uploaded; this works particularly well if it’s brand or business-related. You could consider offering a prize for the best suggestion.


  1. Quotes are a great form of high-performing content, whether they are motivational, inspiring or related to your business or brand. Google is an excellent source for quotes on a variety of different topics – we also like and as sources of inspiration. Ensure you credit the quote to the author where possible.


  1. If your market is other businesses, use posts that include statistics or data to demonstrate your industry knowledge. The key is ensuring that what you share is from a credible source, and is new and pertinent to your audience, business, or sector. This type of content is also very shareable and invites debate and opinion.

 Hopefully, our ideas have given you some food for thought. The key to great social media content is 1) know your audience, 2) choose the channels where your audience hangs out and commit, 3) present yourself as an expert, 4) share your value and 5) be consistent – keep on showing up!

By providing consistent and relevant content, you will grow your business, build your tribe and become the ‘go-to’ person in your sector.

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