Please don’t just take our word for it, here are a selection of testimonials from clients and mentees who’ve worked with Hayley Meakes:

“It is always a pleasure to work with Hayley which is one of the reasons why I have continued to for so many years. She is always professional and knowledgeable and always learning and improving her skills to keep ahead of the game. She will always go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Louise Snell

“Hayley has great intuition and insight and uses this to great effect combined with her knowledge and professionalism to guide you in the right direction. She lays out a clear road map with actions to get you where you need to go. She is dedicated and committed to helping you succeed, and really knows her stuff. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Tony Courtney Brown


“Sometimes in business, you need someone to be brave, someone to tell you how it is You need this is you are ever to find the real thing holding you back Hayley is this type of brave Her absolute commitment to having you get the result, and her honesty and integrity separate her from those who would avoid the difficult discussions pretending that everything is all right for short term gain only to leave you with the problem in the long run Whether as a client of her branding and marketing service or one of her Mentees, one thing you are guaranteed to get with Hayley is honesty and with so many years of in the business you will have the best help possible I have been a recipient of this brave and honest approach so I can vouch that it propelled me towards my aims and goals 10 times faster than if I had chosen business with less bravery to work with I highly recommend Hayley Meakes”

Felix Puor Joseph

“I just had a mentoring session with Hayley and she was wonderful. She didn’t ignore my entry level type questions, answered them all fully but succinctly and best of all gave me a very clear plan of action to use to move forward! My confidence and enthusiasm for creating my own business has moved forward by leaps and bounds and I feel ‘unstuck’. Thank you Hayley.” 

–Diane Fisher


“Hayley Meakes is the kind of professional that you hope to be mentored by and to work with. She shares knowledge and gets results. Hayley is creative, curious, committed, candid and collaborative. Her heart and integrity are at the foundation of everything she does. I am incredibly grateful that she is a mentor of mine and recommend her highly.” 

Cheryl Peel


“Hayley is just awesome! Years of working with Hayley now and she’s always reliable, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with”

Emma James


“Hayley is an excellent marketing and branding expert who not only uses her skills for her own business she also teaches marketing and mentors people in marketing and branding. Hayley has over 20 years’ experience in creating and delivering tailored-made campaigns for all types of businesses from well-known brands to charities. She is also an accomplished speaker and trainer and understands all types of marketing from traditional to digital to social media. Hayley is customer-focused and whether it is a business that employs her services or a mentee that she is helping she gives a hundred percent as she wants them to succeed. Hayley is very friendly, approachable and always willing to give advice. I highly recommend Hayley and you should have her in your team as she offers solutions for every type of marketing and branding needs.”

John Foster


“Hayley is a generous mentor giving freely of her knowledge and experience in ways she sees are appropriate to situations presented to her. Working with her in a mastermind group is a true pleasure. Hayley has a lovely character. She listens in a supportive way, interacting appropriately to provide focused and informed support without passing judgement. Even this week it was interesting to hear her give advice. Information shared seemed to indicate her opinion on a particular issue was a different from that of one of the other mentors. On the occasion it had previous arisen you would never have known. Reflecting on the occasion indicates to me the maturity of not only of the relationship between the mentors but also the security of her personal character. This is a wonderful quality to observe of an individual in a leadership position! When Hayley has specialist resources available in a particular area she is willing to share them, and her time, to help others in difficulty. This generosity of spirit is an attractive feature. It is a pleasure to work with Hayley. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Dr Candy Leighton


“Hayley has been my mentor for 2 years, and I have say she’s amazing. Her knowledge of business and marketing is massive. She keeps me on target, gives me a gentle kick when I’m not, and above all, she’s honest – so I always know I am on the right path.”

Caroline Weaver


“I’ve worked with Hayley on a number of projects and have always found her to be creative, fully engaged and completely committed. Hayley brings a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to anything she works on and I can recommend her unreservedly! Looking forward to working together long into the future.” 

Mark Sacofsky


“Hayley is a gem! I’ve been using Hayley’s services for years as she’s innovative, trustworthy, creative and gets results! Thanks Hayley for your unwavering support!”

Barbara Cox


“Hayley is the most dynamic, creative and innovative person I know. She’s so driven that nothing gets in her way. Hayley visualises her goals and makes them happen. A true creative with tons of energy and know how. She’s the type of person you need to make things happen. Hayley sees opportunities in everything, even going for lunch with Hayley ends up in another business opportunity being found. Hayley works 24 hours a day, as to her, her job is her life and not a chore.”

Rayner Chambers