Our SnipBit podcast is designed to provide short snippets and soundbites from aspirational people in the fields of business, sport, entertainment and politics. It’s mission is to inspire and motivate young people to greater heights of achievement through the examples of those that have already gone there before them. It’s core aim is to show that achievement is not just limited to luck or nepotism and that they can learn from the success stories and mistakes of the best.

What we want to achieve:

We want to motivate young people to see that:

  • They can be successful in their chosen field whatever their background or start in life
  • That a growth mindset can help them to overcome any challenges they encounter
  • That with hard work and application they can achieve whatever they set out to

That successful people can inspire them as they’ve been there and done it.

The Athelete Mindset with Hayley Meaks

The Athelete Mindset with Hayley Meaks

It makes a change for me to be interviewed on a podcast - thanks Edward Hewitt for having me as a guest. Find out what I've learned from the amazing guests on my SnipBit podcast, the athelete mindset and who has inspired me #podcast #mindset #sports...

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Where to find us

At present, due to the pandemic we don’t have any face-to-face events planned. However, we will be adding future events to this page. To keep up-to-date with all our latest information and news, please follow us on the following channels:

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