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Whatever your background, start in life or what you are currently facing, we want to support you! We are experts in helping people with their mindset challenges, as well as their business and marketing ones! We have put together a growing bank of free and cost-effective content, courses and tools that help you with that process.

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About Hayley Meakes

My name is Hayley Meakes and I’m an experienced brand and marketing specialist, writer, entrepreneur, podcaster, public speaker and trainer.

I own and run a number of businesses including Gain Momentum, a full-service marketing agency. I love what I do and I’m passionate about helping people move themselves, their brand, business and people forward.

Myself and my team specialise in helping people and businesses of all sizes, that are ethical and are looking to grow and develop.

Our core skills include strategic thinking, employee engagement and business training, branding and creative development, research, campaign planning and execution, digital marketing, employee engagement, educational marketing, project management and charity communications.

I have over 20-years marketing experience – I ran my own creative agency for nearly 10-years. I have also won 4 national awards for effective marketing on a small budget.

This website helps me to share my mindset, business and marketing knowledge, showcase what I have been up to and hopefully inspire others in their mindset, business and marketing journey.

Mission and Values

Our Mission and Vision

We believe in transparency – we are dedicated to our mission and vision and look to deliver real value to you, each and every time we interact.


To creatively impact businesses, brands and people.


To equip people, brands and businesses to thrive in any situation or circumstance.

To do this:

  • We listen to our clients and understand their challenges (personal and professional).
  • We create sound strategies for them, utilising the right tools, messages and channels – generating measurable returns.
  • We prepare thoroughly, plan diligently, implement passionately and review regularly.
  • We develop and build resources that will add value at every level.

PACT – Our Brand Values

For us, it’s very important to put our money where our mouth is. That is why we are happy to share our brand values with you. These are important to us and form the basis of how we work with you.

Personal – We treat others as we would like to be treated – each client, colleague and supplier is valued, heard and responded to with respect. We don’t hide behind e-mails and are always happy to call or meet up when required.

Accountable – We live or die on our results and we take responsibility for them. We agree what we are going to achieve for our clients and we honestly review our achievements.

Collaborative – We love what we do and we work with clients that we like. Therefore, we approach our everything that we do with enthusiasm, passion and creativity.

Timely – We understand that deadlines are important and we never promise something that we can’t deliver.

Everyone that we work with deserves IMPACT:

Insightful – We know our ‘stuff’ – we appreciate that our industry is constantly changing and so is yours. We are perpetual students and constantly learning so we know what’s going on and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Mindful – We take to time to understand what you are trying to achieve and look for ways to support you on both a professional and personal level.