Key Themes:

Self-development, Overcoming Challenges, Focus, Productivity


You are a Badass by Sincero is the self-help book for people who desperately want to improve their lives This how-to guide, provides you with 27 bite-sized chapters full of inspiring stories, ‘best friend’ style advice, easy exercises, and a few swear words thrown in for flavour!. If you want to change your life this book will help you identify and alter your self-sabotaging beliefs, give you the courage to take exciting risks, help you set and reach your goals, work out how to make money and see yourself in your best light.

Content Overview:

Author Jen Sincero was once fed up with her life. Though she had achieved a degree of success as a published author and had family and friend network, she wondered, “Is this the best I can do?” She decided to put herself through an extensive self-improvement journey. In doing so, she was able to get herself out of her slump and find greater success both personally and professionally.

Taking one for the team, she decided nothing was out of bounds and went on an exploratory journey through the self-help world. She took the opportunity to learn every bit of useful self-improvement advice she could get her hands on and share it with her readers through this book.

The main concept and enduring theme is that creating a new life is simple – you just have to move from – Wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life. The book falls into five core sections:

  1. How Did I Get This Way? Identify what’s stopping you.
  2. How to Leave Insecurity Behind and Love Yourself. Creating your best life.
  3. Tapping into the Source. Harnessing the power all around you.
  4. Getting Over Your Own BS. Getting real and going after what you want.
  5. Go Forth and Live Your Dreams. Throwing off procrastination and taking action

This book’s goal is to help people get clear about what makes them happy and feel most alive and give them the tools to go out and create the brightest, best, and most ‘badass’ version of themselves.

Rating: 9.5/10

If you’re ready to make some serious changes to your life than this book is for you. At the end of it, you’ll understand why you are the person you are, how to change what you can’t love and love what you can’t change.

Readability: 10/10

Sincero is like the best friend you wish you had. Her conversational style, humour and self-deprecation, ensure this book is easy to read from start to finish

Does what it says on the tin: 9.5/10

Yes – by the end of this book if you follow her steps, not only will you learn how to harness ‘The Force’ but you will be able to kick some serious butt!.