Key Themes:

Routines, Mindset, Time Management, Self-Development


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is his antidote to living a life of mediocrity. Although we’re born with a desire to learn and grow, most of us fail to reach our potential and “settle” for less than what we want in life. Elrod takes a different approach and believes that everyone deserves and can achieve anything they want to in every area of their life (personal and professional). To facilitate this, he outlines a simple, daily, 6-step routine that can empower anyone to overcome challenges, turn circumstances around and transform every area of life.

Content Overview:

Elrod developed the “Miracle Morning” routine in the process of overcoming two major setbacks in his life:

  • A near-death car accident at age 20.
  • The financial collapse of his business followed by a deep depression in 2008.

These experiences taught him the importance of self-resilience and taking responsibility for creating the life he wanted. So, he developed the Miracle Morning – a 6-step routine based on the best habits he could find in books, others and himself.

The premise of the Miracle Morning is the concept of habit stacking – the principle of picking a few habits that you want to practice, making a sequence out of them and then making the sequence a single, new habit. This allows you to adopt a number of good habits at once, because you treat them as one thing.

The Miracle Morning is a habit stack, consisting of 6 segments:

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing (writing/journaling).

While Hal suggests practicing all habits for about 10 minutes each, any length of time between 6 and 60 minutes can still provide dividends. You can practice your habits for different amounts of time or change the order.

The key to success is daily committing yourself to self-development by getting up early and following your SAVERS routine. Following these principles can empower anyone to transform any area of life in a surprisingly short time.

 Rating: 10/10

The concept is simple but effective and can totally transform any aspect of your life and thinking and help you rise above mediocrity. Elrod is glowing proof of the concept’s success.

Readability: 9/10

Hal Elrod writes like he talks and has an exceptionally engaging style. The simplicity of his concept and his huge enthusiasm make this a really great read.

Does what it says on the tin: 10/10

Yes, anyone can apply the concepts of the book, overcome past limitations and live the life they want. This is a practical book, simply outlined that can deliver exceptional results – as long as you can build a consistent daily routine.

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