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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is the second in a trilogy of books that began with the best-selling DotCom Secrets. It should be stated at this point, that this trilogy follows on from each other, so it’s worth reading them in chronological order. Expert Secrets is the book for you if you are looking to find your voice and gain the confidence to develop yourself as a leader, if you want to build a ‘tribe’ or community of people whose lives you can impact and be financially rewarded for it. Expert Secrets provides the blueprint for turning your passion into your profession and making a significant income in the process.

Content Overview:


Brunson is a highly successful online entrepreneur and co-founder of Etison LLC that launched the hugely successful ClickFunnels software. He is a perpetual student of his art and this book is a consolidation of his knowledge on the subject and what he’s learned from the best in the business.

Expert Secrets shares with you 19 secrets for converting your online visitors into lifelong customers. 

The book is split into 4 key sections: 

  • Creating Your Movement
  • Creating Belief
  • One-to-Many Selling
  • Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

This book is a practical manual for success, including step-by-step diagrams and the formulas that Brunson himself uses to build his movement and generate multi-million-dollar sales campaigns.

Within his 19 secrets he covers how to:

  • Find your voice and lead a movement that will change lives
  • Deliver your knowledge in a way that teaches and guides your customers and impacts their lives
  • Be the category leader in your niche
  • Identify the secret sauce of the one thing that causes your dream customers to move towards your offer (or not)
  • Re-package your existing content, add extra value for your audience and charge higher pricing
  • Build excitement and anticipation in your audience for what you have to offer
  • ‘Pre-sell’ your solution before you’ve even made an offer
  • Create great impact as a storyteller and how to structure your story to reach your audience
  • Turn a quick engaging story or experience into a pivotal lightbulb moment for your customers
  • Rewrite the stories that are in your dream customer’s head that aren’t serving them
  • Build a framework that delivers massive value for your customers, pre-sells your offer and motivates them to buy right now
  • Overcome your customers main objection before it’s raised
  • Use the 3-part story-telling framework to overcome objections and rebuild positive belief patterns that change lives
  • Create the perfect presentation framework – seamlessly transitioning between the content, the offer and the close
  • Use Brunson’s 16 favourite mini-closes that you can plug into your presentation
  • Utilise the 7-Day schedule you should follow every week for a year to test and tweak your presentation
  • Get your full presentation created in just 10-15 minutes
  • Chop your perfect webinar down to just 5-minutes, without losing the value of your offer
  • Weave all of the stories, scripts and frameworks inside this book into different levels in your funnel.

All of the above techniques and strategies are proven to work and have been extensively tried, tested and refined. This is the ultimate manual for building your brand online.

Rating: 10/10

If you’ve been looking for a book to read that will help you to create a mass movement of people who will pay you for your advice, then this is the perfect resource manual for you.

Readability: 10/10

This is definitely a book that you need in physical form, it’s a great, easy read, punctuated by a number of easy to follow diagrammatic models, stories and examples and really actionable steps.

Does what it says on the tin: 10/10

If you enjoyed DotCom Secrets, then this book is for you. A practical manual for those who want to turn their value into their profession, build their tribe and be financially rewarded In the process.



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