Not all of us work the same way, we think differently, see the world from an alternative viewpoint and are gifted with a variety of personality types or skillsets. This is what’s great about us and by having diversity in our teams we can bring together our team’s differences to solve complex business challenges. In the book Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed, he highlighted the different advantages of putting together diverse teams and how everyone from big business to the England Football Team to the CIA were putting these teams together to share skills and knowledge to achieve a common goal.

Whatever your company challenges, if you take the time to understand your team’s personality types you will have an important competitive advantage in your role as a leader. This knowledge will enable you to make great strides towards success as a business and generate greater understanding between team members. Not only will they understand themselves better but they will also understand each other in a way they didn’t before. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

There are numerous personality tests available, but the following four are considered to be among the most accurate.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This test is probably the most well-known as it divides people into sixteen basic category types. Used globally, it is based on the teachings of Carl Jung and has been considered one of the most accurate personality indicators.

The MAPP Career Assessment Test

This test is comprised of questions about interests that have to be answered as quickly as possible in order to get the most accurate assessment. The answers are then separated into categories and the recipient is given suggestions on what career paths are most suitable for their results.

John Holland’s SDS Test

This test breaks the recipient’s answers into six main categories giving them a “code” of two or three letters in their top categories. It then breaks the categories down into interest clusters so they can focus on areas that interest them. They can also further filter these results based on educational requirements.

Wealth Dynamics

Wealth Dynamics is a leading profiling tool for entrepreneurs. Depending on the answers given, it identifies which of the eight wealth profiles is the recipient’s natural path. It helps to provide clarity on understanding customers, family members and how to build a world-class team that works inflow.

How to Get the Most Out of Understanding Personalities

Knowing the different personality types is interesting and fun, but this is a waste of time unless you put this knowledge to use, both towards yourself and others. Knowledge is power and you should be considering the following. How can you use the results of these tests to make you a better manager or leader? How can you overcome the challenges you face and understand how you can maximise your strengths and identify areas of weakness? Armed with this information, you will recognise where you can alter your behaviour in order to thrive both in the workplace and outside of it.

By applying what you know to those who surround you, you gain a better understanding of how and why they behave in the ways that they do. This knowledge helps you to approach them in the best way and get them on board with what you need them to do. It also helps you to reduce conflicts and improve morale and productivity. By understanding both yourself and your co-workers, you create a work environment that works for the whole team. This is an essential part of being a good leader.

Knowing the personalities of each of your employees will enable you to make decisions regarding them in a more informed fashion. It will help you gain their cooperation and allow them the acknowledgement they seek in order to give their best work.