Key Themes:

Life Skills, Overcoming Fear, Growth Mindset, Positive Thinking, Self-development, Emotional Intelligence


Zero Negativity by Ant Middleton lets you into areas of his life he’s never previously discussed. Using his own experiences, he will show you how to embrace failure and make it work for you, how to see change as an opportunity, how to develop resilience, deal with and overcome bullies and become a positive role-model. In essence, it’s the blueprint on how to live a life with no regrets. This book will give you the tools you need to become your best self and to lead a life of positivity.

Content Overview:

We all face challenges, however, it’s how we respond to them that sets us apart in life. We can focus on the negative, where it is always someone else’s fault and life is ‘unfair’. We can blame others and fail to see how we have affected the situation we face. Alternatively, we can focus on the positives where we own the situation, we can take control, learn and grow from it, and end up growing into a better person despite it.

No prizes for guessing which route Middleton takes. This book takes you through a myriad of life lessons to help you come to a place where you can:

  • Identify your strengths and make the most of them
  • Find your positive motivation
  • Get out of a negative environment
  • Counter negativity with positivity
  • Recognise that actions have consequences
  • Strip your life down to the essentials and discover what’s important to you
  • Not be afraid of change
  • Approach the world as a positive place
  • Become a problem-solving animal
  • Examine your successes and failures with the same energy
  • Be a shepherd, not a sheep
  • Expose your weaknesses as well as your strengths
  • Be a positive role-model, leader and teacher

This is not a man who’s got all the answers, but one who’s passionate about his philosophy and who walks his talk!

Rating: 9.5/10


Middleton is a great example of a man who practices what he preaches. He doesn’t hide away from his mistakes and uses his own personal case studies to outline how he’s demonstrated his mantra of ‘zero negativity’. The addition of his wife Emilie’s commentary is incredibly valuable – adding perspective and wisdom. Highly recommended.

Readability: 9.5/10

If you enjoyed ‘Fear Bubble’, you will definitely enjoy this! Middleton uses examples from his time in the military and new-found ‘celebrity’ to showcase how he’s dealt with and overcome challenges. His zero negativity approach is a refreshing antidote to the ‘weak and woke’ mantra. I challenge you not to find some great ‘aha moments’ that you can apply to your own life. Relevant to all ages.

Does what it says on the tin: 10/10

100%! In a world of negativity, Middleton’s positive thinking is a great alternative. He doesn’t shy away from using his own real-life examples to demonstrate his points and it’s clear easy read. I’m a fan – if you want to get out of the rut of what’s holding you back – then this book is a great start!

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